Euro-Loyalty Rewards

1 point = $.05, 10 points = 50 cents, 100 points = $5.00, etc.

Gift Cards: Purchase a gift card and earn one point for every dollar spent. Example: $100.00 Gift Card = 100 points.

Packages/Series: Earn one point for every dollar spent on a series. Example: Purchase a laser hair removal series for $300.00 and earn 300 points.

Online Booking: Earn 50 points when you book online. (This does NOT include Webopenings or apply to missed or rescheduled appointments)

First Time Clients: If you’re a first-time client you will earn 100 points when you book your next appointment at time of checkout. This is a one-time only reward and you must keep the appointment.

Returning Clients: You will earn 30 points when you book your next appointment at time of checkout. No points are earned if you miss or reschedule the appointment.

Referrals: Earn 10 points when you refer a friend.

Product Purchase ($200): Earn 100 points when you make a product purchase of $200 or more in one transaction.

YOU CAN SPEND EURO-LOYALTY POINTS ON: Any regularly-priced product or service and Euro-Loyalty Points never expire! Please see exclusions below.


  • Points cannot be used for injectables, gratuity or gift card purchases.
  • Points cannot be transferred to anyone else.
  • Points cannot be used with any other discounted offers.
  • Products cannot be returned if purchased with points.


  • On our website, click on the “Menu” and then click the “Book Online” tab. This will take you to the reservation page. You don’t have to book an appointment to view your points.
  • Once on this page, click the “Login” link at the top, right-hand corner to access your account. If you have not previously created an online account, you can do so by clicking the “Sign Up Now!” link. If you have previously provided us with an email, be sure to use that same email address.
  • Once you have logged into your account click on the “Menu” tab on the top, right-hand corner. Once you have clicked on the “Menu” tab, it will pull up your account and below “My Account” it will show you how many points you have!

If you have any trouble with this process or have any questions, please give us a call at 817-731-0707 or email us at and we will be happy to assist you!