Skin Care

Since 1980, European Skincare's foundation has been based on the genuine concern for its clients of all ages, genders and skin types to receive comprehensive, clinically-oriented skin care management. Expert, caring hands along with sound esthetic advice, will ensure that all clients receive the maximum benefit from each visit.

Prior to each facial, an expert esthetician will consult with you to discuss the health of your skin. According to the particular needs of your skin, a facial may include a combination of deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam therapy, manual extractions, gentle facial massage, specialty mask and intense moisturizing.

Skin Care

For only $30, all facial therapies may be enhanced by:
Migraine & Sinus Relief
Healing Oxygen
Light Therapy
Galvanic with Infusion
Customized Light Peel
Eye Contour Treatment
Intensive Hand Therapy

Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment

This amazing treatment delivers cooling, calming and pressurized oxygen with an airbrush to increase absorption of high-grade anti-aging serums used, which naturally and significantly improve the skin’s hydration levels. Collagen gives the skin firmness, but pure oxygen and our custom serums nourish and hydrate existing collagen for instant results, resulting in noticeably brighter, firmer and healthier skin.

55 minutes $150.00
Series of 3 $405.00
Series of 6 $765.00
Atoxelene Add-On $50.00

Collagen 90 II Facial

An amazing lifting and firming treatment that infuses collagen deep into the skin, providing dramatic results in as little as four treatments. Suitable for sensitive skin and an excellent complement to Photo-Rejuvenation and Pixel® treatments.

80 minutes $160.00
Series of 4 $576.00

Botinol® Facial

This anti-aging treatment offers a great alternative to cosmetic enhancements by using one of the key ingredients found in Botox® Cosmetic. Recommended for all skin types, this treatment reduces fine lines, helps to fill in deeper wrinkles from within and corrects expression lines.

80 minutes $160.00
Series of 4 $576.00

Hydrolift® Facial

A revolutionary treatment for all skin types that activates the skin to re-hydrate itself. Ideal before facial surgery and any time the complexion undergoes extreme changes, including trauma, sun, exposure, cold or wind.

70 minutes $140.00
Series of 4 $504.00

Rosacea Facial

Ideal for sensitive, rosacea-prone, sun- and wind-burned skin, this soothing treatment not only reduces the redness and capillary size associated with rosacea but also provides calming relief for any delicate skin or skin exposed to the harsh elements.

70 minutes $130.00
Series of 4 $468.00

Sea C Spa Facial

Advanced plant enzymes and acids, plus Vitamins C & E, help to improve the skin's firmness and tone, while reducing excessive pigmentation. An exclusive treatment, suitable for all skin types.

70 minutes $130.00
Series of 4 $468.00

Deluxe Facial

This customized signature facial includes deep cleansing, active enzymes, extractions, vaporization and a face, neck and shoulder massage. A specialty face and eye mask complete this treatment.

70 minutes $100.00
Series of 4 $360.00

Anti-Aging Facial

A natural skin-lifting treatment that reduces fine lines by nourishing and refining the skin, resulting in a radiant and youthful complexion. For all skin types, but especially beneficial for sun-damaged, dehydrated and mature skin.

55 minutes $95.00
Series of 4 $342.00

Back Facial

A customized treatment that includes vaporization, an enzyme peel, extractions, a back and shoulder massage, followed by a specialty mask. Appropriate for all skin types and all ages.

55 minutes $95.00
Series of 4 $342.00

Acne Oxygen Facial

Most adult and adolescent acne can be vastly improved through a combination of powerful clinical skin care products, state-of-the-art equipment and skilled, expert hands. Each treatment is customized for optimal results.

55 minutes $85.00
Series of 4 $306.00

Acne Oxygen Back Facial

A customized treatment with special emphasis on extracting hard-to-reach comedones and other acne-related imperfections. Vaporization, extractions, a light chemical peel, a soothing application of oxygenating serum, along with a specialty mask is included.

55 minutes $100.00
Series of 4 $360.00

Deep Cleansing Facial

This popular treatment includes a thorough cleansing, toning, vaporization and exfoliation, a face, neck and shoulder massage, followed by a specialty face and eye mask.

55 minutes $80.00
Series of 4 $288.00

Refresher Facial

This short, but effective treatment is ideal for teens or those pressed for time. It includes a deep cleansing and toning, either a facial massage or extractions, followed by a face and eye mask.

40 minutes  Rev-Up Your Skin $60.00
Series of 4 $216.00

Eye Contour Treatment

This soothing treatment minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and Crow's Feet. Ideal with any facial treatment.

25 minutes $45.00
Series of 4 $162.00

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